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Bulletproof Coffee - with Omega3 plus MCT- especially bulletproof.

The so-called "bulletproof coffee" is a keto coffee warm drink, the ingredients are basically in the original formula coffee, butter or oil.

The coffee variation's look is creamy, almost like a latte macchiato.

Proponents of keto coffee or Bullet Proof Coffee swear by the positive effects of drinking this coffee, such as a high and also long-lasting energy level in the morning, a reduced feeling of hunger and the strengthening of mental focus.

The concept of butter coffee may not be the usual way to drink coffee. But people around the world are already impressed by these very benefits of butter coffee.

This drink is a powerful package of caffeine, as the energy from the butter and the OIL is released slowly. Black coffee is somewhat difficult to drink for many, as it has a bitter aftertaste. Butter coffee, on the other hand, comes without the addition of cream, but still has a delicate creamy note that makes the coffee very aromatic.

Dave Asprey is the creator of Bulletproof. This drink is part of his Bullet Proof diet - this diet recommends consumers consume low-fat, low-carbohydrate foods."

"The idea of Bulletproof Coffee came to Asprey when he was traveling through Tibet. When he was in Tibet, he often tried tea with yak butter. Asprey claims Bullet Proof coffee increased his IQ score by 20 points and also improved his focus and weight loss."

The recommended preparation of Bulletproof Coffee, or Keto Coffee, is to boil hot coffee and add unsalted grass-fed butter along with some MCT oil and blend this mixture until creamy, preferably with a blender. As you can see, drinking butter coffee has countless benefits. Benefits range from improved cognitive function to increased weight loss.

Of course, you can also use our product Omega3 plus MCT for the preparation of your Bullet Proof coffee, so you not only have a healthy delicious coffee that gives you not only the necessary energy for a successful start to the day but also your fat metabolism and your concentration maximally.

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