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What is a dual lipid oxidation effect ?

After intensive research, German scientists achieved a breakthrough in obesity therapy with the aim of reducing overweight sustainably and in the long term. This discovery involves a special metabolic process in the liver. This process is called dual lipid oxidation - DLO for short.

The liver has mitochondria (these cells are also called small power plants, this derives from their important function, the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the universal energy carrier for all cells) and peroxisomes, both of which are able to burn fat and convert it into energy.


MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) occupies a special position here, because it has a special pathway, it travels directly from the intestine to the liver, where it stimulates mitochondria and thus is not accumulated in the fat cells.

This metabolic process is accelerated by a combination of high-quality omega3 fatty acids and MCT. Omega 3 fatty acids are burned and converted by peroxisome.

Thus, when both fats, omega 3 plus MCT are taken at the same time and in sufficient amounts, it increases the liver's ability to break down endogenous fatty acids from adipose tissue.

As mentioned above, fat burning process is activated at two sites of the liver. The oxidation effect comes from the interaction of high doses of

omega-3 fatty acids and MCT. These two substances are responsible for intensively stimulating the lipid metabolism of your liver so that fat is burned continuously. Once such and consistent fat composition is in place, the liver's capacity to break down excess adipose tissue is greatly optimized.

This metabolic process leads in the long term to the reduction of excess body fat. With a conscious diet and through the administration of omega3 fatty acids and MCT, unlike other diets, the muscle mass is preserved and the yo-yo effect is avoided.

"Dual lipid oxidation" in this case therefore means "dual fat burning".

The unique method was discovered by a German metabolism expert named Prof.Dr. Hans-Ulrich Kloer. He is an expert at the University of Giessen. And works and researched methods to be able to treat people with obesity sustainably.

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