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Omega3 is essential for a healthy immune system.

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Especially in these times, during which we should attach more importance than ever to the proper functioning of our immune system, it is even more important to provide our body with all that is essential not only to stay healthy, but also to support it in the best possible way in the defense and recovery from diseases.

Of course, we can achieve this on the one hand through a balanced and healthy diet style. Running complementary to this, it can also be achieved through the administration of high-quality food supplements such as Omega3 plus MCT.

Recent studies also prove the inflammation dissolving effect of Omega3 fatty acids and thus the positive effect of valuable and high-dosed products such as Omega 3plus MCT, which are able to efficiently regulate the inflammation process.

"Recently, even study results of a research team consisting of international scientists from the University of Jena and Harvard Medical School supported this very finding "

In this context, a publication in the "Nature Communications" journal reported on the positive interaction of omega-3 fatty acids with infections caused by bacteria.

The team of scientists led by Prof. Dr. Oliver Werz has now been able to prove this process in that omega 3 plays a significant role in the production of substances in the body that allow inflammation to subside and heal.

To explain: the response of the immune system to pathogens is the multiplication of immune cells such as *macrophages. When these become active to counteract the bacterial attack, an inflammatory process occurs as a result. Omega3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA now form a healing basis for inflammation-dissolving substances.

These are the so-called *resolvins, *lipoxins, *maresinde.

These are formed from omega-3 fatty acids, which allow the body to promote the reaction and the abatement of inflammation, support the immune system in this very process and thus promote a speedy recovery.

It is already known that omega-3 fatty acids act on *prostaglandins, which are also involved in inflammatory processes.

" Thus Omega3plusMCT efficiently strengthens the immune defense ".

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These are so-called phagocytes whose function is to eliminate pathogens that have invaded the body, such as bacteria, viruses, or toxins.


Tissue hormones formed from enzymes

*Resolvins *Lipoxins *Maresinde

Are produced in the body from omega3 fatty acids and counteract the inflammatory process by developing an anti-inflammatory property.

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