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What can Omega3 and MCT do for your health?

As we have already explained in our previous blog post, the supplementation of high-quality omega3 fatty acids and MCT oil results in the so-called dual lipid oxidation effect.

As a result, the body not only undergoes a steady and optimal fat burning, but it can also lead to optimal weight loss in the long term. The risk of cardiovascular disease is also reduced, as the LDL cholesterol level, which is considered bad, decreases.

DLO by Omega3 and MCT has thus in addition also the property increased blood pressure to lower to be able. Diseases and ailments such as arteriosclerosis, which can cause thrombosis or a heart attack, can be improved by the DLO metabolic processes.

Arteriosclerosis causes the vessels to change over the years without being immediately detected. The arterial walls collect blood fats and leukocytes, the so-called "calcification" of them occurs. The vessels gradually become less elastic and narrower, impeding blood flow. Reducing bad habits such as smoking unhealthy diet such as fast food, for example, as well as lack of exercise, combined with DLO, conscious diet and sports activities can definitely improve atherosclerosis and its possible consequential damages.

By reducing the effects of atherosclerosis, balancing fatty acids, and improving blood flow, DLO may well lead to healthier heart health.

Thrombosis, i.e. a consequence of arteriosclerosis, is another form of vascular disease caused by a blood clot. Obesity and excess body fat greatly accelerate the development of thrombosis.

If a diet based on DLO is carried out, the risk of obesity decreases and protects against the development of thrombosis.

Even autoimmune diseases such as asthma and diabetes can be alleviated by the administration of Omega3 plus MCT and the resulting DLO effect by reducing inflammation and balancing the fatty acids.

By limiting the inflammatory processes, allergies could even be mitigated.

Metabolic syndrome is also a clinical syndrome that results from the combination of various diseases.

The main cause of this is insulin resistance. This causes the body's cells to lose energy and slows down fat metabolism. Insulin resistance also results from an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and obesity.

DLO effectively reduces these tendencies and reduces metabolic syndrome.

In summary, in addition to a proper diet, DLO can have an important role in the treatment and therapy, of various diseases and ailments.

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